Tips To Avoid Damage to Teeth

You get only set of teeth in your life. Now, it up to you how well you take care of your teeth because it will decide how long you are going to keep your teeth. So, you will have to have better understanding about the things which can put your teeth in the way of danger. Here, it would be worth mentioning the types of damages which can make you lose your pearly whites quite prematurely.

  • Tooth Decay
  • Knocked Out Teeth
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Cracked Teeth

Now, we will talk about the ways you can prevent any damage to your teeth.

Proper dental hygiene

When it comes to prevention of any hazard to your teeth, the first thing you will have to make sure here is to keep up with your oral hygiene. The reason is that there is always the risk of cavities looming over the teeth which are not properly cleaned. Now, we all know how bad the cavities can be. They can kill the nerves of teeth and they can cause infection to spread. With a cavity at advanced stages, you will have to worry about more than your tooth because the infection would have caused serious damage to your jawbone. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are brushing and flossing your teeth regularly.

Pay attention to what you eat

Teeth are there in the mouth to help in chewing foods. So, they are strong enough to assist chewing of different types of foods. However, the teeth are not indestructible. There is always the risk of teeth getting cracked or chipped as you bite on the hard foods.  Moreover, there are several types of foods that can weaken the teeth. For instance, consumption of coffee, tea, and alcohol can lead to serious damage to teeth.

Moreover, you have to make sure that you are not using your teeth as a tool to open bottles or crack nuts. These activities can give serious kind of damage to your teeth. Although restorative dentistry can help you get the damage recovered but any restoration doesn’t restore functionality to the fullest.

Use of a night guard

If you have the habit of grinding your teeth, you may end getting your teeth damaged. Many people have this habit of grinding their teeth while they sleep. As a result, the chewing surface of teeth gets damaged. The damage can expose the layer underneath the enamel. Exposure of that layer, dentin, can lead to any infection finding its way to the innermost layer which is called pulp. Simply getting the chewing surface scrubbed can affect the chewing capability. Therefore, you need to wear a guard if you have the habit of teeth grinding during sleep. You can also wear it during the day if you grind your teeth in the day time.

After everything said, it is important to mention that best of your oral health can be ensured if you visit the dentist on regular basis. Typically, you will need to visit the dentist in every six months.


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